Nutrition Partners

Swine Team

Your livestock production is about so much more than feed to Nutrition Partners.

It’s about improving your farm’s profitability and the quality of your pig feed. Our focus is enhancing and maximizing your livestock performance through leading-edge technology, expertise, and management. For us, it’s about creating progress, your farm’s progres.

Dairy Team

Your dairy production is about more than feed.

It’s about maximizing your farm environment through technology, expertise, and progressive management to enhance your profitability. This mean progress because of the better way for livestock production.

Poultry Team

With improved feed and nutrition services comes improved livestock production.

Better performance relates directly to your farm profitability. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your chicken feed, farm environment, and farm management solution is working cohesively for better ROI.

Our Mission

Nutrition Partners offers a better way for livestock production in Canada. We are partners, not just feed providers to our clients. We work on customer’s farms, directly with their livestock to promote growth through sharing exceptional knowledge and support. We aren’t feed providers, but dedicated nutrition and animal health managers, committed to ensuring Canada’s farms receive the proper nutrition for our unique livestock environments.

To be successful on our mission, we must first ensure our clients are successful.

You are what your food eats…

And Nutrition Partners makes sure your livestock is eating the right thing. Our process summarizes how we help you succeed, from visiting your farm and understanding the quality of ingredients you are currently using, to designing and formulating a program that is tested (internally and externally – HACCP certified), and then sent on farm for your personal nutritionist to monitor, adjust, and advise.

Our Process

  1. Determine quality of ingredients
  2. Review animal environment
  3. Determine nutrient requirements of the animals
  4. Identify supplemental vitamin and mineral mix needed for optimal performance
  5. Formulate net energy
  6. “State of the art” manufacturing plant (pharmaceutical)
  7. Monitoring quality of feeds
  8. Monitoring and analyzing performance of animal

What our clients have to say about us!

What we were looking for and what we’re really happy with is getting the full package. We get the support on the animal health side and also on the feed and nutrition side. At the same time we really feel we get the personal treatment that is so important. With the integrated services they offer we know whatever problem we have there’s someone there who can help us with it.

Craig Van Stryland, General Manager, Harhil Farms near Ponoka, Alberta