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It’s About Your Feed and Your Environment

Healthy livestock means greater production. And at Nutrition Partners, we know your livestock’s health is based on more than feed. In building a solution for your livestock, shouldn’t all factors be considered?

Customized process

Farm conditions are ever changing and it’s crucial farmers adapt with these changes. This comes from understanding how your farm operates and where gaps may be. With Nutrition Partners, we focus on a holistic approach to maximize your farm performance and profitability. Through this customized process, we’ll help address areas for improvement, ensuring you can focus on effectively managing your farm.

In-person nutrition team

While our product may be specialized feed, we focus on how you can get the best performance out of it. This means we focus on the management of your product in relation to your environment, which can only be done by working with the right experts. Our nutritionists come to you to provide in-house expertise. This allows you a greater understanding of all factors that impact your livestock production and an improved solution specific to your farm.

Improved farm health

We’ve developed different programs for monitoring to make sure that our guidance provides the best results for your farm. From how much you’re feeding your chickens to proper shipping of swine, or even the type of nutrients in your cow feed, Nutrition Partners identifies any aspects of your farm’s process that could be inadvertently hurting your bottom line. Then, it’s an expert-built solution to improve your overall farm health, including your profitability.

Our Progressive Process

Our process summarizes how we help you succeed, from visiting your farm and understanding the quality of ingredients you are currently using, to designing and formulating a program that is tested, both internally and externally for HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification. Using nearly 20 Quality Control Points, your feed is then sent on farm for your personal nutritionist to monitor, adjust, and advise.

Our Process

  1. Determine quality of ingredients
  2. Review animal environment
  3. Determine nutrient requirements of the animals
  4. Identify supplemental vitamin and mineral mix needed for optimal performance
  5. Formulate net energy
  6. “State of the art” manufacturing plant (pharmaceutical)
  7. Monitoring quality of feeds
  8. Monitoring and analyzing performance of animal


The poultry team is a partnership between Nutrition Partners and Poultry Health Services. Led by Shawn Fairbairn, the partnership gives us a comprehensive health and nutrition offering for Canadian poultry producers. We’ve always believed that having a nutritionist and vet working together yields the most positive results.


Lead by Jan Geurts, the swine team is focused on the results of our customers by offering livestock production solutions based on overall farm health. Using our global network of nutritionists and veterinarians, we bring our customers innovative solutions that deliver a profitable difference.


Our dairy business, nutripartenaire, is based out of Quebec and services the eastern Canadian dairy market. The team, led by the Directeur Général, Bruno Gosselin, focuses on the needs of dairy producers. By bringing nutrition and technology together, nutripartenaire provides value and results for their producers and independent commercial partners

Building a Progressive Livestock Production Solution

Developing a solution that combines all aspects of a farm, including livestock health, nutrition, and environment takes expertise and moving parts. Nutrition Partners builds progressive solutions through:

Ingredients Database

A solid and reliable feed evaluation system is the basis for optimal feed production. Profitability, animal performance, and animal health are greatly affected by the accuracy of feed evaluation systems. The feed industry needs to find the optimum balance between nutrient supply from feedstuffs and the nutrient requirements of high-yielding animals. The balance is continuously affected by developments in feed production and animal factors such as feed processing, animal genetics, animal health status, feedstuff quality, and legislation for feed production.

Quality Control

Quality control of feed ingredients and finished products is essential to ensure that you can feed your livestock with confidence, while reaching your performance targets. By tracking our production at the order level, we can ensure that the feed you are providing your livestock is accurate and effective.


Nutrition Partners, along with our partner companies, are directly involved in a number of research projects, involving both the private and public sectors.

Management Software

To make informed decisions, you must know what is happening on your farm. Nutrition Partners offers management applications allowing you to monitor and analyze both the technical and economic performance of your livestock. With all variables in hand, you’re better equipped to make quick and knowledgeable decisions.